After just three years of research, it became the first choice for the packaging industry and now a multibillion-dollar, world industry. Read the complete story of the emergence of polypropylene.

聚丙烯的发明是偶然的,其发明归功于两名科学家J. Paul Hogan和Robert L. Banks。这些研究是由菲利普斯石油公司(Phillips Petroleum Company)参与的,以寻找将天然气转化为汽油组件的方法。

In the process, both scientists began to study catalyst and how it works. In one of their reaction, they made some changes in their original catalyst and included chromium oxide in it. They were expecting low molecular weight hydrocarbon from it. Then they added propylene with propane carrier through a pipe which was packed by the catalyst. Although they were expecting something else, they got a completely new polymer crystalline, polypropylene. It was a big breakthrough for both of them. From the time, the world got a product that has the multibillion-dollar industry in the present time.


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